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Wonderful support!
Great support! I can’t thank Addiction Treatment Rochester, MN enough! Without their drug rehabilitation program, I might never have been able to get my family back again. I couldn't have gotten another good job if I wasn’t clean again. I definitely wouldn’t be alive if I kept using. I would wholeheartedly recommend their detox and rehabilitation services for somebody that needs to break their drug habit!
, RochesterJul 16, 2010

The best rehab program!
Hands down the best rehab treatment money can buy! Addiction Treatment Rochester, MN’s rehab program truly shattered all of my expectations. The therapists and RAs helped me open up and communicate in group or individual meetings. I used to believe that rehabilitation didn’t work. Before, I believed no one would understand me or my problems surrounding drug addiction. Listening to my housemates and other people in the program, I began to see that many of us have experienced similar problems. Soon I started to participate, open up, and get stronger and healthier. I really think that Addiction Treatment Rochester, MN is the one reason I’m alive right now!
, RochesterAug 17, 2013

Worth every penny!
Totally worth it! I wasn't successful at other previous treatment facilities. Addiction Treatment Rochester, MN has an excellent treatment program. Their RAs and doctors helped me out. If you open up to them and work for it, you'll get clean!
, RochesterDec 26, 2011

I am clean because of them!
Incredibly supportive and patient! With comfortable and first-class housing and rehab facilities, Addiction Treatment Rochester, MN will help you every step of the way. They are prepared to give you practical and effective rehabilitation. I am clean now and got my life back!
, RochesterFeb 19, 2010

Totally saved my life!
They gave me a new lease on life! My life was so dejected and wretched when I was using junk. I had driven away and hurt everybody that I loved. I tried tons of treatment programs, but failed them all. I assumed I was out of options; but Addiction Treatment Rochester, MN gave me hope again. They helped me understand the root causes behind substance abuse. Therapists instructed me on the right way to get sober and avoid relapses. Without Addiction Treatment Rochester, MN, I’m pretty certain I might still be turning tricks on the streets for an eight-ball, suffering all alone. Instead, I have my family back again, got me a job, and have the support I need to stay sober and healthy.
, RochesterMar 9, 2010

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